Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for Nonprofits

Blackbaud CRM™ provides comprehensive customer relationship management for large to enterprise-level nonprofits.
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Blackbaud CRM Software
Features and Benefits

Blackbaud CRM combines unmatched nonprofit expertise with industry-leading fundraising and customer relationship management software tools, integrated analytics, multichannel marketing, and data mining services to help large nonprofits build stronger and more productive relationships.


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Focus on constituent relationships and turn supporters into major givers.

Blackbaud CRM combines Blackbaud’s unmatched fundraising expertise with a complete nonprofit CRM software solution to empower your fundraising programs to grow.

  • Approach individuals strategically by understanding the relationships and interactions they've had with other supporters and organisations
  • Customise your customer relationship management software solution to make it as unique as your constituents and address distinct situations appropriately—for example, when a disaster relief organisation deploys a team to a remote location, it can quickly provide users access to the entire Blackbaud CRM solution, start an impromptu fundraising campaign, identify which supplies are needed, determine how to get them there, and mobilise volunteers
  • Coordinate and streamline multiple fundraising teams, define solicitation and stewardship responsibilities, and unite multidimensional relationships across disparate chapters, field offices, and programs
  • Empower on-the-go fundraisers to access or update important constituent information directly on their smartphones

Make every contact count with multichannel marketing.

Overcome your most challenging communication and fundraising strategies through an integrated approach to online giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, multichannel marketing, database segmentation, and web design.

  • Understand and control your multifaceted communication efforts and leverage data across multiple campaigns to drive outcomes
  • Bolster direct mail programs by integrating your direct marketing campaigns with your constituent information; set budgets, identify high-performing donor segments, and gauge real-time performance results
  • Grow your online presence with a fully customisable website content management system (CMS) and create a platform for constituents to interact through personal pages, forums, and social networking

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